Hey i'm TashaMay im 18 years young (: in person im really quite shy until you take the time to get to know me, so tumblr is an awesome way to express myself
idont really know what people blab on about in these things but ishall give it a go.
My tumblr has no theme, the photos i post are things that make me happy , I have a boyfriend named Pari <3 he makes my heart go all warm and fuzzy. i dont have alot of friends, but the ones i do have are ones i will hang onto for the rest of my life. i call myself a backwards oreo because i am white on the outside, but i was born to be black... :D
im a pretty chilled person, ilike life to be as simple as possible because i think simple is beautiful. feel free to follow me, i follow back (:
Why did she do that to herself, she was perfect

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